Welcome, Let Me Introduce Myself…


Hello! Welcome to my blog! I am so lucky to have you here reading my first post! But… first things first!

I’m Ella and this is my blog “House of Blossoms”. I’m really happy about launching this one, as it is an idea in my mind for a really long time. Here, I will mainly write about lifestyle, crafts and DIYs, cooking, traveling and living a fun and exciting life! 

Usually, people in their first meeting with another human being, talk about stuff they like so the other can get to know them and to find mutual interests. So, today I’m giving you 10 things you need to know about me.

  1. I’m a student
    I’m currently studying Computer Science and I’m in my 4th year. So, basically the ingredients and materials for my posts will not be expensive.
  2. I’m Greek
    I live in this awesome, sunny country many of you dream of traveling to and I love it. Be jealous now (*insert evil laugh here*).
  3. I’m a lefty
    …and yes, I struggle every day with many things but I have adapted in many ways and now I can use my right hand to do a lot of things. Fun fact: I can use my touchpad with my right hand and write on paper with my left (can you do that?)
  4. I’m slightly obsessed with stationary
    I have a HUGE collection of pens, pencils, notebooks, masking tapes, liners, stickers, markers, scissors… Almost anything you can find in a stationary shop.
  5. Lately I’m also obsessed with sweet chili
    I put it on every food I eat and I can’t stop. I never liked hot peppers, chili and stuff like that, but a friend told me to “try just once”. I’ve been in paradise ever since.
  6. I am not a fit person
    I haven’t worked out in ages and I’m weak as hell. Also, I love food and eating too much. But I hope this will change sometime this year.
  7. I love traveling
    I have a pretty big traveling bucket list (which I’ll share with you some time in the future) but it’s not easy for me to travel outside Greece as my classes take a lot of time and I don’t have money to spend on traveling. For the next couple of years, I have limited myself to national destinations.
  8. This is my 2nd serious try on blogging
    The previous one failed because I didn’t have time at all to continue writing and I sort of lost interest because of wrong content. I really believe this one will stay.
  9. My first adult craft was paper butterflies
    Now, some of them are on the wall in front of me. It’s the craft I’m most proud of and it’s coming next month on HoB.
  10. Music is calming me
    Especially if I listen to songs I love and I’ve grown up with, mostly pop, jazz and rock. It also helps me cry my feelings out.

So, that’s about me. I would love to know you as well so I want you to write at least one thing you want me to know about you!

See you soon, Ella


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