Do It Yo’self: Rope Coasters

DIY Simple (1)

Hello loves! Welcome again for the first DIY in “House of Blossoms”. This time is a useful one especially for the spring and summer as we start drinking cold drinks and beverages. 

It’s actually extremely easy as anyone can do it. Also, it’s really cheap (or free if you have the materials at home like I did). It may take around an hour or so depending how many coasters you want to make.

DIY Simple Rope Coasters

You’ll need: rope (nautical type), scissors, hot glue gun & glue, a glass or other coaster for measure


Step 1. Start by rolling the end of the rope into a spiral. It helps if you do that on a flat surface to help keep it as flat as possible.
Step 2. Continue by adding hot glue and coil as you go. Remember to press the rope down to the glue to make sure it stays in place.
Step 3. Measure with the glass or coaster how big you want your coaster.
Step 4. Continue until you finish the coaster, then cut the rest of the rope and glue the end in place.
Step 5. Let dry completely.
Step 6. Make more.



If you want something more colorful, paint them with acrylic paint. You can even use an already colored rope. If you want thinner coasters, you can use twine following the same steps.These coasters can make the perfect addition as gift with a wine in the spring and summer days.


I hope you liked this first DIY. There will be many more so stay tuned.

See you soon, Ella


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