Favorite Cretan Beaches (Worth Visiting)


Hello! How are you today? Do you feel the weather being warmer? Do you feel the summer coming? Do you feel the blue sea and the sand?

Well, if not, you will in a little while. When I show you my favorite beaches from the prettiest island of Greece, Crete. I will be there this summer again (like every past summer of my life) so if you go too, let’s meet!!

Agia Pelagia, Heraklion

A small town really close to Heraklion with the clearest waters. Many beach bars, hotels, water sports, people. In the summer, it’s completely full.

agia-pelegiaphoto credit:

Kali Limenes, Heraklion

A beach in the south, with a lot of space for every one, boats coming and going and cold waters. There is only a couple of canteens for food and drinks so be prepared.

159_kalilimenes7photo credit:

Elafonisi, Chania

Pink sand and really shallow waters. The exotic beach of Crete is always full in the summer, even though it’s a long drive from the city.

elafonisiphoto credit:

Vai, Sitia

The biggest palm forest in Crete, welcomes tourists from all over the world every year. It’s in the north-eastern point of Crete and it’s a paradise.

Vai-Beach-and-Palm-forest.jpgphoto credit:

Almyros Beach, Agios Nikolaos

The combination of river, sea and pools (from the beach bar above), the calmness and the noise (also from the beach bar) makes this location be ideal for anything you look for.

almuros2photo credit:

Makry Gialos, Lasithi

You can walk some distance in the sea but the water will not go past your waistline. Excellent destination for families with children. 

makrigialos-1photo credit:

Bali, Rethymno

A vacation village with anything a tourist can need. Nightlife, water sports, luxury hotels and great food. You will not regret it.

baliphoto credit:

Preveli, Rethymno

One more palm forest, this time with a river. The access is either by boat or with climbing down 400 stairs. The bluest blue and the greenest green that came back to life after a big fire.

preveliphoto credit:

If you haven’t visited Crete before, I really think you should put it in your bucket list, because you can’t miss all the things it has to offer. 

Kisses, Ella








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