bl-ips // Photo Editing Resources

Photo Editing Resources

Welcome to a new post series called “bl-ips“. If you didn’t catch it right away, it’s a pairing of the words blogging tips. Here I’ll give my opinion and resources in a specific topic like blogging and productivity in general. 

I’m officially blogging for almost a month now but my various attempts go back 1 year. However, my experience in taking photos is not big at all, something I hope to change soon.

But, photo editing for me, is another thing. I have tried so many editing tools, both apps and online editors. Today I’m giving you my favorites and they’re free (well, until you decide to upgrade).


Canva (Online): title photos, fonts, lots of stock photos to use

PicMonkey (Online & App): filters, stickers, fonts

Pixlr (App & Online): quick fixes, effects, really easy to use, two versions (Express & Editor)

Adobe Lightroom (App & Online): favorite app for editing, quality images, lighting fixes, filters, in-app camera

Foodie (App): great for food photos, huge collection of filters, flat layout, in-app camera


Unsplash: Use any of the photos however you want.

Gratisography: Free, fun, colorful, stock photos

I hope that you’ll have a great time using them. Stay tuned for more bl-ips and resources and don’t forget to share what photo editors you’re using (always a sucker for new stuff!)

See you soon, Ella


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