March Blossoms

March-blossoms (1)

Welcome to the first monthly favorites post here, on House of Blossoms. Today I’m sharing with you my favorite posts, crafts, music, books etc. from the month of March.

This month went by smoothly with research for my thesis for university and the first spring signs around me. The temperature has reach 20 degrees Celsius and next week I’m bringing my spring clothes in my wardrobe.

Note: None of the following links is affiliate. The post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

🌷If you didn’t read it yet, here are my favorite beaches of my home island, some with awesome pink sand.

🌷The song I’m listening non-stop to is Rihanna’s “Love on the brain”, which you can listen a live performance of it here.

🌷Favorite blog of the month (and maybe for most of the previous months) is A Beautiful Mess, which I read about a year now.
It’s recent post about making your own crystal soaps is the perfect idea for gift.

🌷I was searching for months to find a water bottle for my needs and quirks and I found last week this clear light blue bottle of 500ml (photo above+below) and it’s the perfect one.


🌷Currently reading Dan Brown’s Inferno and after finishing it, I’m finaly watching the movie!

🌷Tried churros for the first time last week on Hola Mexicana here in Thessaloniki and is currently my go-to desert.

🌷I’m also thinking of making a city guide for Thessaloniki. Let me know what you think.

🌷Already brainstorming ideas for April fool’s day. 

I hope you had a great March and wishing you an awesome April! 

Love, Ella


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