Do It Yo’self: Washi Tape Light Switches & Outlets Decor


DIY Washi Taped Light Switches & Outlets

Hey! What is up? Happy April! Welcome again for another craft, this time for one you can make in your rental apartment that will not ruin anything…

The last 4 years I’m living in a rental and since I moved in, I tried to decorate every room with easily removable do-it-yourself crafts, so that I don’t destroy anything while moving out, and crafts that are really easy and cheap.

One of my favorites is the decoration I added on the light switches and the outlets around the apartment with colorful monochromatic washi tape. Here’s the instructions!

DIY Washi Tape Light Switches & Outlets Decor

You’ll need:

  • Monochromatic washi tape (I used this set)
  • Scissors
  • Clean light switches and outlets


Step 1: Choose a color and tape it along one side of the outlet.
Step 2: When you reach close to the edge, cut it straight
Step 3: Continue with each side.



  • Here we are going with a frame shape but you can do whatever shape you want.
  • You can also use whatever color you like, there is no right way.


If you liked this post, share it to your friends. If you decorated your outlets and light switches, show them to me by commenting below.




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