Happy Easter + Writing in Greek

HappyEaster (1)

Hello loves! How are you? Welcome again in House of Blossoms!

This week is the Holy Week and Easter weekend is coming in just a couple of days (and summer in a month… 😱). The year is passing by so fast… 

Last week while showing my blog in a couple of family members, I realized they can’t read it since I write in English. So I decided, in my next posts, to write both in Greek and English.

The content will be the same but it will be readable for both my Greek and English speaking audience. In the future, I will update my previous posts to include the Greek version. 

In other news, I will not write a post for tomorrow as I will be spending time with my family, but next week I will write a photo post with our Easter memories, so stay tuned!

I wish you a happy Easter and a great time this week! Also, happy egg hunting!

Kisses, Ella


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